What's new in krpano 1.19-pr11

A new pre-release for the 1.19 version was launched on August the 3rd. This upgrade features rendering improvements for the Textfield plugin, better device support for WebVR and a bunch of general fixes for things that didn’t work quite well.
Let’s dive in!

1. Improved textfield quality for WebGL hotspots

I can tell that Klaus had a clear goal with this release: Improve the WebGL rendering for textfield in hotspots. In order to achieve this he introduced 2 new attributes: oversampling and mipmapping


It’s default value is 1.0. A greater value will increase the internal bitmap rendering, resulting in a higher resolution bitmap which makes the text look sharper. Of course better quality comes with a price, and it will demand more memory and rendering resources. In the sample below, you can appreciate that the text with the value 2 is definitely sharper. But if you choose a too high value the text starts looking too pixelated.



Mipmapping is disabled by default. When set to true, it will increase the quality when the text is displayed smaller than it’s real pixel size. This happens for example when we zoom out the virtual tour. The trick to improve the quality is to automatically scale up the bitmap to the next power of two. Clever.


In order to avoid artefacts, Klaus recommends using Oversampling and Mipmapping together.

mipmapping="true" oversampling="2"

2. Updated WebVR support

It’s important to keep up with all the changes and updates in the VR world. This version comes with the latest WebVR API v1.1 and browser-behaviour changes.

It’s also be able to detect the new iPhone phones (6S, 6S+, 7, 7+, SE).

Although Krpano makes a great job getting the mobile screen size, there are so many Android models out there that sometimes this is not possible. For that scenario this version introduces the attribute mobilevr_database_url.

If the screen size is unknown, Krpano will try to get that information by accessing to 3 different online databases:

It’s possible to set a custom database by introducing a new URL, and disable this feature by set it to empty or null.

3. New WebVR Wakelock hack for iOS 10.3

Fixed a bug affecting the Videoplayer Plugin in iOS, where video panos and video hotspots displayed a black frame at the start.

4. Updated Bingmaps Plugin to latest Bing Maps V8 API

The Bing Maps Plugin API has been completely ported to the V8. This was something very necessary as V7 API was discontinued on June the 30th

Also a bug affecting the mouse dragging in IE11/Edge has been fixed.

5. Invalid variables name checks

As we all know, there are some limitations at the time of set a variable’s name. For example, it needs to begin with an alphabetic character, which meats that using a number is not allowed.

This version implements more checks for invalid variable names and a more useful report in the console to help to solve the problem.

You can see in the example below that a warning comes up after naming a variable 001.

Invalid variable name

6. Many more fixes

Textfield hotspots in WebGL

Fixed wrong alignment that caused the text to be cut off.

Wrong text alignment

Alpha value when tweening colours

Fixed value not being calculated correctly.

Spherical multiresolution images

Fixed bug that tried to load spherical multiresolution images although they’re not currently supported.

Switching hotspot URLS

Fixed wrong image / texture being loaded when the url is switched.

Hover event

Now the onout event is dispatched along with the hover event.

Architectural projection

Fixed bug affecting flying hotspots.

Spherical panoramas

Fixed bug that showed the preview image instead of the panorama when the panoramic image took a long time to be loaded.

Fixed a WebGL texture resource leak when using the preview images.

Textfield plugin in Flash

Fixed wrong alignment and stacking problems.


Fixed wrong string-to-number conversions when an expression performed a number-type detection.

Makepano tool

Fixed bug that autoleveled images despite being set to false.

Fixed attribute sortinput being set to undefined by default, which resulted in an inconsistent behaviour.

SphereToCube tool

Fixed bug affecting the lookat rotation.

Krpano Testing server

Changed default URL from localhost to an IP address to overcome a Chrome’s bug resolving the DNS extremely slow.

I love the Testing server and despite I use it everyday with Chrome, I have to admit that I didn’t notice this behaviour.

WebVR Plugin

Fixed mouse-pointer-locking and mouse-control not working correctly when switching to VR in fullscreen mode.

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