FAQ and our safety measures photographing virtual tours during the pandemic

COVID-19 has turned our world upside down to an extent that no one could have ever imagined. Quarantine, travel restrictions and social distancing are now part of our day to day vocabulary, forcing business to seek solutions to this new challenges. During the last week, many businesses have contacted us contemplating the idea of having a 360 virtual tour to showcase their business or properties online.

We have put together a post to answer the most frequently asked questions that come up in enquiries. We also include a bullet point list of our safety measures when photographing premises during the pandemic.

Availability and delivery estimate

Our advice is to book a date to photograph the premises as soon as you can, even if it is provisional.

Currently the time frame to deliver a project starting from the day we take photographs is 7 working days. This may vary depending on the size and the complexity of the project.

How long does it take to take the photographs?

Making a 360 degrees photograph is 95% preparation and 5% execution. Our high resolution camera will capture the premises in high detail. Therefore is important that the premises are clean, tidy and free of objects like calendars, magazines, full bins, loose wires or documents containing sensitive information. Paying attention to details can save precious time.

Providing the room is ready to photograph, it typically takes around 5 minutes to complete the shoot. Bear in mind that a 360 image will be captured using a sequence of 6 photographs, moving clockwise. This offers some flexibility to make changes or rearrange scenes between individual shots.

Safety measures during the photo shoot

With your co-operation, the process to capture your premises will be achieved with all recommended safety guarantees. There are 4 main rules that must be followed at all times with no exceptions.

Maintain the safe distance

Following government regulations, the photographer will keep a safe distance of at least 2 metres from other people.

Minimise the number of people

Reduce the number of people involved in the photo shoot to the minimum. Premises should be empty if possible. A representative from your business can accompany the photographer to guide him through the areas if required, as long as a safe distance is maintained.

Reduce contact with surfaces

For safety, the photographer will reduce to a minimum the touching of any surface. This applies to door handles, moving furniture and especially passing objects between people.

Optional use of face masks and gloves

Although it’s not compulsory, the photographer can be asked to wear face mask or gloves if the client considers it necessary.

Planning ahead

Communication is key to ensuring the virtual tour of the business or your property is captured smoothly, and will be delivered quickly. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to ask any questions you may have. We’ll do everything in our hands to support your business at this difficult time.

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