Covent Garden Safari

When Clarendon Apartments first approached us to discuss the details of this virtual tour, they described it as a safari through one of the most iconic places in London: Covent Garden.

They wanted to give visitors around the world the chance to venture into the busy streets of Covent Garden and discover by themselves the history and the secrets of such a remarkable place. We soon realised that we’d have to put all our ingenuity and experience into make this virtual tour very informative, but also engaging and entertaining at the same time. The result is one of our most extensive tours. A breathtaking 360 virtual tour showcasing every feature that we’re able to include: a street map, narrator audio, video clips, text panels, 360 videos and much more.

1. Navigation

The virtual tour was conceived to target a very large audience, including international viewers. We decided to use the same navigation as Google Street View in order to make the visitor feel at home inside our 360 environment. We wanted to include as many streets as possible. To simplify things, we created two different paths. The green line is assigned to the main path. The red line marks the way to alternative routes.

Due the big area to cover, we needed to photograph 35 scenes. By adding the option to let the user choose between two different routes, there was a risk that the user might get lost in the streets of London. To avoid this, we included a handy interactive map pinpointing the current location, as well as the street names and the other paths and scenes. A little compass was added on the right side to keep sight of North and South.


2. Information

In order to present all the information in a pleasant and entertaining format for the visitor, we have made the tour available in several ways and formats.

Text Panels

The main way to display some of the street highlights is by using text panels. They also give us the chance to include links, for example, to the web pages of the shops that we visit in our virtual tour.

Info Panels


We wanted to make the visitor feel as if they were standing in the middle of Covent Garden square. So we added some real bustle and hustle background audio that we captured in Covent Garden when we were photographing the 360 images. A narrator welcomes the visitor into a new street revealing some of its secrets.



A video of a quartet helps to make the journey more pleasant by playing some pieces of Covent Garden’s most famous composer: Mozart. Filmed whilst the quartet played live in the middle of the street, you can see the video clips by clicking on the gems icon.


3. Covent Garden Shops

Cecil Court hosts some very peculiar and interesting shops. Marchpane Bookshop specialises in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland editions. The London Medal Company shop has one of the major collections of British Orders, Decorations & Medals in the world. You can find out more about them by viewing a 360 video of the owners recorded in their shops.


4. Hide and seek

Wigston is a teddy bear that likes to hide in Covent Garden’s streets and alleys. He appears in 10 locations across our virtual tour. Keep your eyes peeled during your visit and see if you can find him.


5. Visit Clarendon Apartments in Covent Garden

Thanks to our virtual tour, it’s possible to have a taste of what a great location this is to visit and spend some time. If you’re in a business trip in London, Clarendon Apartments has 5 exclusive office apartments in the area. There are green icons at the entrance of all this apartments found throughout the tour. By clicking on the icons, you’ll be transported into a virtual tour of that particular apartment.


6. See it by yourself

We have no doubt that at this point that you are very looking forward to take a walk around Covent Garden. Click on the image below to immerse yourself in our London experience. We hope you’ll enjoy it.

Covent Garden Safari Link

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